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Mattress CleanerYou are trying to get your much-needed sleep, but it is uncomfortable and different than before? "1st Carpet Cleaning" Ltd. will prove you are right and polish your favorite mattress for no time, anywhere in London. A proper care is a must once or even twice per year in order to sleep tide and treat your mattress properly. Have a look at what we will offer you:

  • Customer support, including holidays and evenings, no further taxes
  • Discounts for both new and regular customers
  • Complete cleaning, if you are not satisfied with the final results we will do it again
  • No deposits or hidden fees, payment is converted after the job is done.

Call us immediately 020 3404 5123 and get your custom discount right away! We are happy to give you a free quote or simply guide you through your errand.

Why Choosing 1st Carpet Cleaning Ltd.

Treating your mattress is something we will do anywhere in London, just because you are important as a customer. Have a look at some of the advantages you will immediately acquire by simply ordering:

  • Extraction of every unpleasant smell or odor by quick and easy treatment
  • Eco-friendly solutions and methods, totally safe for your children or pets
  • More than 19,000 happy customers returning to us
  • Free advice and recommendations by our friendly experts
  • Special discounts for multiple services

1st Carpet Cleaning London is guaranteeing your perfect mattress cleaning and dreamland sleep.

Current Methods and Expertise

We provide effective and affordable Mattress Cleaning Service in London, 7 days a week. Mattresses can harbor all sorts of unpleasant and unhealthy contaminants, including dust mites, bed bugs, pet dander, molds and other allergens. An average mattress can contain as many as two million dust mites! Regular cleaning is a must - we recommend professional mattress cleaning at least once or twice a year to keep them clean, healthy and smelling fresh.

Mattress Cleaning LondonUsing eco-friendly hot water extraction methods, we thoroughly clean the mattress and its edges, removing all the accumulated debris and leaving it safe, free of allergens and ready for use. Mattress cleaning is strongly recommended upon move-in for mattresses in rental properties which are not new, or for any mattress which is used on a regular basis.

Types of treatment procedures:

  • Steam Bed Mattress Sanitation - Except perfect stain removals it is suitable for all kinds of harmful bacteria and bed bugs populations.
  • Dry Mattress Cleaning London - ultraviolet vibration which is used for complete disposal of any bacteria infestations. The deep treatment method used for full dismissal by UV lights.
  • Deodorizing - new quick option for removing bad smells appearance after long usage or pets.

How to Book Mattress Cleaning London Appointment

Booking Mattress Cleaning is easy and fast! Just call 020 3404 5123 us now and we will get everything done for you. By calling you, can also get a free quote or advice with no future obligations attached.

Our team of skillful customer professionals is there for you! A web chat option is also available if you prefer it. We care for your mattress treatment and we will prove it to you!

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