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Services 1st Carpet Cleaning offers you

Are you looking for a company that can handle every aspect of cleaning your home of office – from window to oven cleaning and even some special deals for landlords and commercial buildings? Then 1st Carpet Cleaning can offer you the best selection of professional cleaning services in . Use our all-in-one cleaning solutions and save up to 30% of your purchase.

Main services you can book

Bellow is a list of all of the main services you can book with 1st Carpet Cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning – is an optimized, special treatment that can suit the cleaning needs of any carpet type out there, whether that would be natural or synthetic fibers – we can clean it all. Specializing in a wide range of stain and dirt removal, we offer you a comprehensive treatment that uses only natural, bio-degradable ingredients and detergents.
  • Rug cleaning – this service is equipped with special machines and detergents, optimized for the gentle cleaning of any of your exotic or regular rugs. We can remove any stain or blemish from the surface and depths of your rugs while also giving you a conditioned state and a protective coating that will prolong the clean effects.
  • Upholstery cleaning – has the ability to clean leather, fibers and other natural and synthetic materials on your furniture, keeping the upholstery clean and in pristine condition at all times. We use all of the best machines, techniques, and ingredients to give you the best upholstery cleaning results out there. For a good price, you get cleaning, full stain removal, drying and even conditioning.
  • Curtain cleaning – a service suitable for enterprises and homes alike, we offer you a fast and efficient curtain and drapery cleaning service that deodorizes, removes stains and blemishes from the fibers of even the most delicate of materials. Using special and professional techniques and machines we can always guarantee the desired results, with a discount for landlords and multiple bookings.
  • Mattress cleaning – this is a service ideal for regular and one-time customers, as it covers all aspects of mattress cleaning and maintenance. We excel in urine and blood stain removal, deodorizing anything, making your mattress smell and feel like new. Now we also offer a professional pest removal service that works with safe methods and detergents.

Additional services you can book with 1st Carpet Cleaning

Because we’d like to give you a full circle cleaning experience, we also offer you these exclusive services. That way you can book only once, and get your home fully cleaned, inside and out.

  • One-off cleaning – if you are a tenant or a landlord that are looking for a one-time full cleaning of a property, or a household owner that doesn’t want to bother with contracts, this service is the right one for you, just call us up and learn more about it.
  • Window cleaning – for all sized windows on commercial or private properties, we offer you a fantastic cleaning experience that deals with everything window cleaning related, so you won’t have to do anything yourself, hit us up and learn more about us.
  • Oven cleaning – for when your oven gets absolutely filthy, or you want regular cleaning, this treatment is the right one for you. Working with all natural ingredients, we can clean any oven size or type, just call the team over at 020 3404 5123 and ask.
  • After builders cleaning – done renovating or building something, but you are left with all of the debris and a paint stain or two around your home? Why not give us a call and let us deal with all of that, for a fraction of the price of what other companies charge?

Booking any of these services

If you are looking to book any of these services, call 020 3404 5123 or use the booking form. The more you book the more you will save, with our regular discount or multiple services discount, which will save you up to 30% of the original price of the booking.

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